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Grogan's Sausage was formed in 1977 in Arlington, Kentucky, a rural town of about 500, by founders Bobby and Betty Grogan. They had only three goals in mind; making a living for their family, creating jobs for the community, and producing the best tasting sausage available. Quality products, coupled with unsurpassed customer service, enabled them to expand distribution from Western Kentucky, south to Mississippi, and north into the Chicago Illinois area.

That same commitment to excellence has developed into a reputation for quality which has lasted over 25 years in the sausage industry. This has kept Grogan's Sausage one of the leading sausage brands to this day.

Our sausage is made with pride using only select hogs and a special blend of spices (using all natural ingredients) with the end result being a great tasting country sausage the whole family will love.

Today, we offer our sausage in a variety of forms, from the retail chub to a variety of institutional sausage patties. Over the last few years, Grogan's has introduced a new line of sausage biscuit products, smoked sausage, and bacon, expanding to meet the needs of our customers.

In 1996, Grogan's was fortunate to acquire the Partin's Country Sausage label, also a family owned business since the 1920's. Partin's is produced with their own blend of seasonings for a taste that keeps customers coming back for more. Partin's also offers retail items, including quality bacon, as well as institutional sausage patties.

The most resent change occurred in February, 2002 when the company was acquired by David and Roger Williams. These men have been in the sausage business all their lives, and Grogan's Sausage is very pleased and fortunate to have them at the reigns. With their knowledge and commitment, coupled with dedicated employees and excellent products, Grogan's and Partin's brands are sure to be a favorite of yours for years to come.

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